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Yoga & Meditation
October 6-8th 2023

The weekend offers various styles of yoga from Restorative to Dynamic;  led by Bee Mindful owner Karin Rossi. All yoga classes offer props and supports as needed. 

Whether you are a seasoned meditation practitioner or brand new to the idea, this weekend will guide you in establishing a comfortable "seat", introduce you to different types of meditation (with a focus on Zen meditation) and give you tips and tools so you can carry this practice into your daily life.

There will be an opportunity to participate in silent walking meditation along one of  the many scenic trails on campus.

Saturday evening includes a sunset bonfire with s'mores made from the HI's own Moka Origins organic chocolate. There is an optional free Moka Origins coffee & chocolate factory tour and for additional fees, enjoy the lush offering of the PureRejuv spa and wellness center.


Retreat Facilitators Karin Rossi E-RYT & Kevin Genjo LeBlanc OGL

A wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in yoga and meditation against the backdrop of the breathtaking Pocono hills. This weekend is an invitation for you to meet yourself where you are; make choices as to whether or not  to participate in all the weekend has to offer or opt for a more restful, self-guided experience. 

Browse in the shop, enjoy a signature Chai or famous Wilderness Cookie from the cafe. For extra fees, visit PureRejuv for a nourishing spa service. The tea bar is free and open 24 hours a day. All meals are vegetarian with dairy-free and gluten-free options offered at every meal. 

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