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An Inviting, Inclusive Space

Begin or cultivate your yoga and mindfulness practice

Meet Karin

Welcome! Bee Mindful is an inclusive space welcoming all humans just as they are.

A yoga practitioner since 1991, Karin found yoga to be a path toward healing. With degrees in both psychology and education Karin is able to honor the teacher in you. She is certified with Yoga Alliance(E-RYT500), the Yoga Service Council, holds a YACEP and earned her advanced certification in Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), an empirically validated, clinical intervention for complex trauma or chronic, treatment resistant PTSD.  She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Karin spent 4 years teaching yoga & mindfulness techniques to trauma survivors and addicted populations in a clinical setting.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Bee Mindful?

Inclusive, accessible, affordable yoga for everyBODY

Meditation Offerings

Meditation is an integral part of our practice here. Seasonal workshops in addition to visiting teachers provide opportunities to experience sangha.

Studio Classes

With a variety of practice styles and  teachers skilled in choice making and honoring a student's agency, each of our classes can be considered all-levels.

Beach Yoga

A seasonal offering just up the road from the studio at Beesleys Point Pavillion; June-September

Trauma Informed Yoga

Karin is currently the only TCTSY certified teacher in NJ. TCTSY is an evidenced-based, SAMHSA endorsed yoga protocol for Complex Trauma and PTSD. Online group classes and private in-person classes are available.


Seasonal day and weekend retreat offerings. Now planning for the 2023 season to include:

*Mid-winter 1/2 day YIN & meditation with lunch

*Women's 1/2 day Retreat in June w/ lunch

*Fall weekend  YOGA & MEDITATION

(location TBD)

Community Events

*Yoga12 - a yoga, meditation & 12 Step Recovery Workshop- FREE

*Seasonal Meditation Workshop with FREE Community Supper

*Summer Solstice Supper- a gourmet, locally sourced menu prepared with and by local chefs, bakers, and farmers

The Space

Wooden Board

Located in a recently renovated 100-year-old home, Bee Mindful was created as a community space to practice and discover yoga, mindfulness, and connection. Bee Mindful's mission is to provide safe, affordable, accessible yoga, mindfulness offerings, and workshops. The invitation is for you to meet your body where it is.
We are facilitators, sharing power so that you may have
space for self-discovery.

Bee Mindful is a Yoga Alliance Certified Studio.
**Please park on E. Hollywood La and enter the studio from the driveway to the back deck.


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Bee Mindful welcomes all beings.

Image by Eric Masur

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